Trouble Shooting step for UGR86

1. If GPS device is inactive in Aadhar Application after Driver Installation, following steps are followed Steps :-

a. Right click on computer and then click on Manage

b. Go to Device Manager

c. Check in USB Serial Bus Controller if USB Serial Converter error is shown then follow these steps:-

1. Contact with IT Person (which is install window and its driver)

2. This issue solve by 2 ways.


1. Reinstall window driver and CDM Driver.

2. Restart system and connect UGR86 with system.

If after that USR86 Not connect then


1. Format the window and reinstall the window and its driver.

2. CDM Driver reinstalls.

3. Connect UGR86 with system.

After window reinstall, UGR86 works 100%.

Reasion (Code 37):- System USB Driver not properly install

2 When GPS is active

a. If yellow LED is not Blinking (Location is not updating)- keep the GPS device outside (under open sky) wait for atleast 30 mins.

b. If yellow LED is blinking still GPS is not updating- then contact us on the given helpline no.

HelpLine no:- 01724681074